Photo Blog

A picture or two paints a thousand words so what better way to get a feel for what we do than have a peek at a few of our snaps of the school in action.

This is Martin , he founded the school and is always around teaching specialist courses or our Diploma groups when he’s not in his own studio preparing for a show.
Here’s Fen who did so well in her Diploma that we asked her to take charge of delivering our foundation courses such as Simply Oils and Beyond Simply. Here she’s explaining glazing before she demonstrates it and her class gives it a go.
A tutor group, after a class. All of the tutors are Diploma graduates and love sharing their knowledge and enthusiasm for painting. Silvi (on the floor) may have done a bit much !
We’re always happy to help whenever we can. Fen is clarifying a couple of things here with Beyond Simply students
We staff up with enthusiastic assistant tutors and studio assistants who have done our Diploma program, so extra help is always at hand. Everyone brings something different: Emma is an amazing creative and expressive painter and just the right person to grab if you need to talk about creative expression between lectures.
Or just have a cup of tea and a chat with your fellow students. Taking time out and taking it in, is all part of the process
If you like art studios, but hate the smell of solvents, you’ll love the school. We import all of our materials – so you don’t have to bring ANY –  from one of the world’s best colourmen , Robert Gamblin of Portland Oregon. He’s obsessed with studio safety, low toxicity and quality. Just don’t tell him what we do to his beloved paints!
If you love what we teach – and we think you will – you’ll be able to get all of the specialist kit you need to do it at home from our student shop, or just use your preferred supplier when you get home.
Martin in his own studio preparing for a show, we don’t normally get access here, so just a peek. Our students like to know they are being directed by a successful artist, so all of our tutors take their professional careers very seriously. Those who can, teach.
And yes, we have soppy studio dogs, you’ll often meet Oscar and Monty if you visit the school