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Masterclass on Demand 

Masterclasses arev ery simple to join , just click the join link in your ticket  and you will be hosted to the group directly through ZOOM - the industry standard video conferencing and virtual classroom software platform.   If you have not yet used ZOOM then please watch our short How To video below. 

Setting up to learn on ZOOM

ZOOM works on all common devices, but its always worth testing yours out with ZOOM  before the course. You can open a free ZOOM  account to try it and if you still need a little extra help,  take advantage of the useful tutorial videos they have posted on  Youtube.

You don't need any special equipment to enjoy a ZOOM lesson, however we recommend that you opt to use the biggest screen you can - a desktop monitor rather than a laptop, a laptop rather than a tablet or a tablet rather than a smartphone for instance. Although the ZOOM interface works on all of the above, our students tell us that for the first few times, choosing bigger screens made it easier to control their view. Similarly, a mouse/keyboard input other than a touchscreen makes it easier to switch things like audio on and off as you watch, until you are completely familiar with the service.


For the best possible experience, we recommend that you wear a headset microphone - the kind supplied with most smartphones is fine. This will help us to hear you when you ask questions    


Use the Waiting Room, Loose the Stress 

Finally, all of our ZOOM  meetings are set up with a WAITING AREA function. This means that you can log in to your class up to 20 minutes before the scheduled start, to give yourself time to check your equipment and connectivity before the learning begins. Our co-hosts will already be in the Waiting Room,  to help you find your way around the ZOOM interface, if you're new to the system.  

Finally, a little ZOOM etiquette 

ZOOM is very interactive, so we recommend that you refrain from slurping drinks or crunching crisps unless your microphone is muted, just to be polite.  All viewer microphones are muted by default at the start of a meeting - but after that you're in charge! We find that if yo act just as you would in a meeting at work then your experience will be perfect for you and the group.