Light & Atmosphere

Light & Atmosphere :New for 2020

Light & Atmosphere is a course about the art and craft of creating magnificent glowing, luminous oils.  It’s what oil painting was made for and something every serious oil painter should be able to do. 

Turner’s use of media showed both a deep understanding of tradition and a commitment to innovation, making him a key figure to study for contemporary painters. Martin Kinnear top glazing a study of Turner’s Staffa
Who it’s For

Light & Atmosphere is a course for practising oil painters who love the look of traditional works as well as contemporary ones who want their paintings to have more depth, ambiguity and luminance. Most of all, Light and Atmosphere is a practical workshop in the craft of making art. If you want to understand optics, glazes , mediums and indirect painting, then its the ideal learning experience for you

Buttermere by Martin Kinnear 2004, the painting he created whilst teaching himself glazing skills.
How it Works

Greatly expanding upon the core optical painting skills taught on Simply Oils, Light and Atmosphere is a series of three structured, technical and practical days designed to explore classical and contemporary indirect oil painting. During the course you will learn all about mediums, grounds and methods to create glazes, scumbles and other optical techniques using a variety of traditional and modern oil materials. This course also allows us to showcase our long standing commitment to using ultra safe low odour modern materials; a revelation if you’re a serious oil painter stuck with dammar, copal and turpenoid mediums.

Learn what you want but start by mastering a process. Student TS with his Caravaggio technique studies 2015
Where to Do It

Light & Atmosphere is only available at our Norfolk studio.

Fees and Booking

Course only £399 (at our Pay Now Price) , as a stand alone 3 day workshop.

To book online select a course date and pay, or if you prefer to speak to us call Jane on 01485 528588

Martin On Light & Atmosphere

‘It’s easy to dismiss traditional oil painting as irrelevant, particularly if as an artist you can’t do it. But if you reduce painting to simply laying down direct  tube oils then those who can do more, win. That’s why Gerhard Richter spent decades in serious technical research of Titian’s methods, why Hockney has taken such an active interest in the old masters and why Greyson Perry wrote that ‘everything was contemporary once’.  Yes this course is about craft, but ultimately skills facilitate creativity.  This is the core technical program program  I taught myself after I learned to paint so I could explore my own creative ideas, and the ideas contained in it serve my art every time I paint.

Everything was contemporary once. Martin kinnear using traditional optical painting concepts with oils and spray paint 2019.
Contemporary glazing. The Quick and the Dead by Martin Kinnear 2012
What’s Included
  • Three days of structured specialist oils tuition, which means you get a focused  and proven learning experience
  • Explanation, hands on painting  and demonstration led learning, by a tutor with two studio assistants which means you get all the help you need at your easel
  • All materials and notes, are included so you don’t need to bring a thing or worry about what you need for the course
  • Refreshments and a light lunch included, so you can socialise at the School with your fellow students
More Information

Light and Atmosphere is a class for existing and improving oil painters intended to follow one of our Simply Oils courses.  It is accessible for  experienced oil painters but not beginners or painters who are working in other media – who should take our Simply Oils course.

Simply Oils isn’t just for beginners but for painters who want to understand why Turner’s work glows and Monet’s is flat. It’s the essential foundation for serious painters. Simply is the best place to start Light & Atmosphere

‘Fen was a very good teacher and I can say I have learnt more about painting from my time at your school than in my whole Art education’ Simply Oils student July 2019