Paint Tubes

Diploma FAQ

1. Which days of the week will the face to face workshops be on?
 All the face to face workshops will run Thursday 9.30a.m - 4.30p.m ,Friday 9.30a.m - 4.30p.m  & Saturday 9.30a.m - 1pm.
2. What are the actual dates of each workshop?
The dates of each workshop are now available on the most recent PDF of the prospectus dated  Dec 14th  .
3. What is the deadline for you to receive an application form?
If you are interested in joining the 2022/23 Diploma please fill in the application form ASAP as we are expecting to be oversubscribed. 
4. What happens after you receive my application form?
We carefully assess each application then draw up an offer list . Successful applicants will be invited to a Zoom question and answer session before formal offer letters are issued. 
5. What are you looking out for on the application form?
We are looking for ambitious artists who demonstrate potential and are ready to take their practice to a higher level which the Diploma can help deliver. 
6. Is there any guidance on what Martin is looking for from the images requested, please? Does he want to see completely original work or is he interested in seeing tuition pieces, or both?
Both please as we are looking for evidence of technical ability and creative vision.
7.  What is the deadline for submitting the application form? 
If you are interested in joining us for 2022/23 please submit your application form ASAP so that we have time to read it through thoroughly and look at your images , we can also come back to you if we have any questions and visa versa if you have any questions? 
8.  What images should I upload and do you need to know details such as media, size etc? 
Please just upload three images of your paintings that you think best show your technical and creative skill and vision? these can be in any media and we do not need any narrative , size etc to be attached . 
9. Can I opt to not attend the 15 workshops in person and do them remotely online? 
I'm afraid that this is definite NO, the workshops at the Studio are to be taken Face to Face ( not withstanding emergencies) as we absolutely will not compromise on the standard of your learning for the Diploma. It is vital that we generate a collegiate environment so that you maximise your learning with us. Our location is amazingly easy to get to from all directions , by car , plane or train!
10. How can I transport everything to the workshops if I am travelling by public transport?
Talk to us if you think you'll be travelling by train or plane and we will work with you to suggest the best plan of action such as , a) doing your homework on canvas rather than board, b) storing your materials and paints for you at the studio , c) arranging pick ups  etc etc We have oodles of experience of helping International Students attend the Diploma along with Students who arrived after marathon train and bus journeys!