Colourful Impressionism

Course Details

DateWed 4th Nov 2020
Duration3 Days
Pay Now Price £399.00
Colourful Impressionism : New for 2020

Colour defines contemporary art so Colourful Impressionism is a course about giving you confidence to make creative colour choices and create more expressive work.

Creative Colour choices are learned not observed
Who it’s For

Colourful Impressionism is for painters who are stuck in a creative rut and want to learn practical ways of choosing and using colours and mark making techniques to reinvigorate their style.

Great artists paint ordinary things in extraordinary ways
How it Works

Starting with some key techniques from Impressionist and Post Impressionist colour this workshop will take you through three days of structured practical exercises designed to teach you how to paint the colours you want rather than just replicate those you see. Although its a very  practical course, the learning is all focussed upon giving you the skills to work more creatively in your home studio.

Creative colour doesn’t always mean abstraction – just selection and amplification of what’s there
Where to Do It

Colourful Impressionism  is only available at our Norfolk studio.

Fees and Booking

Course only £399 (at our Pay Now Price) , as a stand alone 3 day workshop.

To book online select a course date and pay, or if you prefer to speak to us call Jane on 01485 528588

Martin On Colourful Impressionism

‘Colour defines contemporary painting, but few artists do it well and even fewer know why Monet or Hockney can carry off their incredible colour schemes in the knowledge they’ll just work brilliantly. At one level, if you find that your subject imposes very ordinary colour choices upon you, then this will be a great course, however if you already use creative colour from the ‘gut’ but want to get to the next level – then it does that too. A key course for painters who want to be taken seriously  ‘

Colour defines contemporary painting
What’s Included
  • Three days of structured specialist oils tuition, which means you get a focused  and proven learning experience
  • Explanation, hands on painting  and demonstration led learning, by a tutor with studio assistants which means you get help at your easel
  • All materials and notes, are included so you don’t need to bring a thing or worry about what you need for the course
  • Learn colour systems so you can free yourself from the subject and make better creative choices.
  • Refreshments and a light lunch included, so you can socialise at the School with your fellow students
  • If you’re still not committed to oil  painting consider Simply, it’s an essential  foundation that our students tell us is ‘better than three years at art college’
  • If you are an experienced oil painter consider a Kinnear On course which take our foundation themes to the highest applied  levels of professional oil painting.
More Information

Colourful Impressionism is a class for existing and improving oil painters intended to follow one of our Simply Oils courses.  It is accessible for  experienced oil painters but not beginners or painters who are working in other media – who should take our Simply Oils course.

Simply Oils isn’t just for beginners but for painters who want to understand why Turner’s work glows and Monet’s is flat. It’s the essential foundation for serious painters. Simply is the best place to start Colourful Impressionism

As a the School is a collegiate and nurturing environment we will always try our best to ensure that our students have a rewarding course experience and for this reason we strongly recommend that you practice the colour mixing process taught on Simply Oils so you can focus on the exciting and transformative new ideas on offer rather than mastering foundation processes.

‘Fen was a very good teacher and I can say I have learnt more about painting from my time at your school than in my whole Art education’ Simply Oils student July 2019