Norfolk Painting School Live goes Live for Diploma students

Dear Jane, Martin and everyone else,

Just a great big huge THANK YOU for the last 3 days. I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful it was – how very, very helpful. That you put all this together in a couple of weeks is just extraordinary – the standard of the lectures and demos is world class as usual, Martin, but the technical side of things was super impressive (and this during a time when the whole world is living its life over the internet and draining gigabytes by the nano second). Furthermore the SPIRIT of NPS was so in evidence – if anything (and I am not sure why this is) it was better. Being able to see my colleagues faces and expressions, and put little messages in chat without interrupting you (Martin) was even better than class. I felt closer to my colleagues being able to see their faces than I usually do in class. Also I was able to follow the demos better because of the zooming in. I could lift up my lap top and have a jolly good peer at the screen. Also take screen shots (for my own use, obvs) in a way I wouldn’t have felt comfortable during class (and would have caused interruption).

You are an inspiration, the whole lot of you! Especially for me who (cue violins) has been stuck on the sofa with a boring but very bad cold for the last 6 weeks! (I always get viruses badly – I have a rubbish immune system like you Martin). I wasn’t able to do any of the demos because I cannot get to my studio, but I have just spent a HUGE amount of money on an overbed table like they have in hospitals, plus a special easel at Jacksons, and from next Wednesday I shall be able to paint again.

So a big, big thank you to you all. To produce something of that quality in such a short period of time is utterly gob smacking. And completely inspiring. Thank you so so much.

CM. March 2020