New Beyond Simply

‘just had to send to say ‘Beyond Simply ‘ went beyond my expectations. I knew that I would learn a lot again but I have come home with my head buzzing with all the new info we were given.Thanks to everyone that made it such a good experience’

Leah H: Beyond Simply March 2019.

Beyond Simply is a three day exploration of intermediate painting skills in four very different and rewarding genres.

Who it’s For

Beyond Simply is a course for painters who have completed our Simply Oils workshop and wish to consolidate and further develop the skills learned over four exciting days.

How it Works

Beyond Simply is based around three very varied workshop days, each focused on a popular style, genre or approach to using paint such as traditional glazing, colourful Impressionism or Expressionism.

Fees and Booking

Course only £399 (at our Pay Now Price) , as a stand alone 3 day workshop.

To book online select a course date and pay, or if you prefer to speak to us call Jane on 01485 528588

Martin On Beyond Simply

Learning to paint is one thing, but deciding how you should paint? Well that’s quite another. A good place to start is by exploring some of the main ways of using paint, and this course gives you four very different, and very interesting ways into that. It’s a career starter.  ‘

What’s Included
  • Three days of structured specialist oils tuition, in three different genres of painting, which means you get a range of styles to take home and make your own.
  • Explanation, hands on painting  and demonstration led learning, by a tutor with studio assistants which means you get on demand help at your easel.
  • All materials and notes, are included so you don’t need to bring a thing or worry about what you need for the course.
  • Learn three proven styles for painting in oils , so you can use this course as a basis for developing your own style.
  • Learn more in depth and more specific knowledge than on our broader foundation courses such as Simply Oils.
  • refreshments and a light lunch included, so you can socialise at the School with your fellow students
  • If you’ve never been to us before consider Simply Oils because will give you the global skills you need to fully exploit the styles on offer.
  • If you are an experienced painter looking for creative direction, consider our Diploma Course, which will give you in depth help with your technical, aesthetic, creative and stylistic development
More Information

Written for with our Simply Oils students in mind, Beyond Simply is intended to give you the skills you need to begin to explore different genres and start to  specialise as a painter.

Based  over three very different days the course offers:

Day 1: Traditional Glazing. A marine landscape or sky painting using traditional wet over dry glazing. This day will add the use of specialist optical mediums, and a whole new technique (glaze over grisaille) to your skills.

Day2: Impressionist Painting: A hugely important and valuable expansion of the colour skills taught on Simply, towards impressionist colour planning and the modelling of Forms using temperature.

Day 3: Contemporary Colour and Mark Making. Lively colour, expressive handling and expressive mark making, these are the things of contemporary painting and the subjects of our final day.

More Information

Beyond Simply is a class for existing and improving oil painters intended to follow one of our Simply Oils courses.  It is accessible for  experienced oil painters but not beginners or painters who are working in other media – who should take our Simply Oils course.

‘Brilliant Courses BEST art teacher I have ever had in 50 years of different courses” CH Beyond Simply Anglesey April 2018’